Infographic: Work is Learning


How and why can L&D embrace the fact that we learn from work? What can be done to burst the ‘training bubble’ where formal learning is delivered as an event, separate to the workflow? An infographic primer exploring these key questions.


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I'm a Learning & Performance Geek with a passion for helping to empower people and solve challenging problems.
I've created an app called Learn2Learn to help people future-proof themselves with the super-skill of learning.
In my day job at DeakinCo, I use design thinking to take the lead creative role delivering 70:20:10 performance solutions for some of Australia's largest companies.
In my spare time, I'm an award-winning fiction writer and hobbyist multimedia designer. Most importantly, I'm a proud dad to 3 eccentric small individuals who, along with my wonderful wife and life partner, have taught me more than anything else in the world.

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  • Hi Arun, I love this infographic. I am an Instructional Designer and my company is in the process of trying to implement many of the concepts related to Modern Workplace Learning (MWL). I would love to be able to use this infographic and post it to our Yammer Community related to MWL.

    Robert Renk

    • Hi Robert, so sorry I’ve been so slack checking comments here. Probably too late but of course you can re-use any of my infographics. I just request that you include a live link to my site and, if we ever meet in person, that drinks are on you :)
      all the best

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