INFOGRAPHICS: 5 Ingredients of a High Performance Ecosystem


I’ve previously written about the need to design learning & high performance ecosystems here, and have been reflecting on some common ingredients for effective ones. I’ve captured some of these in the infographic below:


Infographic: High performance ecosystem






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  • Great, and simple, visual for these key elements. Question – what element do you see as most critical for how the company culture and individual mindsets are surfaced/demonstrated?

    • Thanks for the comment Matt. Re. your question, Im not an OD expert and the company culture is probably my weakest area of all of those listed, but I tend to be influenced by Google’s research which cited psychologically safe work places as the number 1 factor in high performing teams.
      In terms of personal mindset I think a combination of being value driven (=motivation) and a growth mindset (= accepting your ability) are the crucial factors.
      Id be interested to know what’s been your experience?

      • Thanks Arun. In my view, culture and individual mindset seem to be like the “Chicken and the Egg” idea – which one comes first?. The concept of changing a company culture may seem enormous to some, especially in a large organisation, Changing your mindset may also be enormous, but most people would agree it is more in an individual’s agency or locus of control.

        I also think the growth mindset must be reflected in the culture, with a company willing to trial new things, not afraid of failure, and to accept it has the potential to be and do more, as long as it makes the effort (as a collective). This underpins a safe environment for people to stretch themselves, hopefully leading to high performance.

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